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General Accommodations

The University of Richmond is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment for persons with disabilities and complies with the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA), the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which includes Section 504. Individuals with disabilities are protected from discrimination and may be entitled to accommodations that will assist in their pursuits at the University. 

Students should request accommodations directly through the Office of Disability Services. Faculty and staff should direct requests for accommodations to Human Resources.

Dining Services

There are a variety of dining operations at the University of Richmond including an all-you-can-eat facility, several cash operations, and catering and box lunch services. Dining Services strives to provide a balanced diet to meet the needs of students. Individuals with food allergies may need personal help with meal planning. Contact Karen Hensley, Registered Dietitian, or by phone 804-289-8521

Boatwright Library

The Boatwright Library offers a vast array of services to support the University community. For more specific information relative to scanning assistance or research and instruction support contact the following:

General Boatwright Assistance/Information/Building Access
Cassandra Taylor-Anderson, 804-287-6861

Scanning Assistance for Those with Registered Disabilities
Crista LaPrade, 804-289-8412

Research and Instruction Assistance
Carol Wittig, 804-289-8459

Recreation and Wellness

Recreation and Wellness is committed to making its facilities, programs and services inclusive and accessible to all members of the campus community and provides a variety of accommodations to members with special needs. These include but are not limited to: handicap parking, push-button front doors, adaptive fitness equipment, stairs and a lift to assist in entering and exiting the pool, a universal locker room, and an elevator to gain easy access to the various levels of the building. Personal trainers are available to provide instructions for proper use of fitness equipment and to meet one-on-one to assist with developing a personal exercise program to meet your needs. Staff are always available to assist should a person need help or have a question or concern.

Robins Center and Robins Stadium

Robins Center
The Robins Center offers ADA-compliant seating in the following sections: 3, 9, 14, and 20. ADA parking is available in lot B4, which is located between Robins Stadium and Millhiser Gymnasium, accessible from Boatwright Drive.
Robins Stadium
Handicap seating is available in sections 103–107, End Zone seating sections 110–111, sections 113–116 and in the student seating, section 118. Handicap accessible gates at Robins Stadium are gates C and H. Please note: handicap seating in sections 113–116 is ONLY accessible through gate H. Handicapped seats in sections 103–107 are ONLY accessible through gate C.

For more information, contact the Athletics Department, 804-289-8363.

Modlin Center for the Arts

The Modlin Center for the Arts provides accessibility information for patrons with disabilities.

Emergency Management

Each individual should take personal responsibility when preparing for emergencies. Consider what you would do and whether you need to take additional steps to prepare. At a minimum, the following are recommended for your consideration:

  • Carry a sounding device like a small whistle, flashlight, and cell phone to alert emergency personnel of your location.
  • It is best to have arrangements pre-planned for evacuation assistance. Having a plan and practicing it may save your life.

During an emergency:

  • If you are able to evacuate, please do. Remember to use the stairs if able. Never use the elevator during an emergency evacuation.
  • If you are not able to evacuate:
  • And are not in immediate danger, remain where you are, call 911, and wait for emergency personnel to arrive.
  • And are in immediate danger, move to an area where you can shelter-in-place, such as a room with an outside window.
  • If you are unable to call 911, advise others around you of your location and have them inform emergency personnel of your location.
Event Planning

The Office of Events, Conferences and Support Services (ECSS) can provide information and assistance for individuals visiting the University as a guest or participant at a campus event. ECSS assists with providing directions to appropriate parking, recommended routes for building access, or sources for additional, special services. Special dietary needs can be accommodated with 72 hours advance notice. Please contact your event host regarding your dining needs in advance of this deadline to insure availability. For additional information on event planning with special needs accommodations (commencement, reunion weekend) please contact the Events Office at 804-289-8585.

Transportation and Parking

Buses and Shuttles

The GRTC buses and all University of Richmond Shuttles are wheelchair accessible. Passengers with disabilities should request assistance from the driver.


Students with an injury or illness who need extra assistance getting around campus are eligible to receive a temporary Y-Pass for their vehicle. Y-Passes allow a student’s vehicle to be parked in parking lots designated as student parking. This also includes unlimited parking in the timed spaces on Westhampton Way and Keller Road and the 15-minute spaces on Richmond Way at the Tyler Haynes Commons. This pass excludes a student from parking in reserved, handicap, visitor, or faculty/staff parking spaces.

A student may receive a Y-Pass for up to 10 days without a doctor’s note. However, if the pass is needed for an extended period of time, a doctor’s note is required and should be submitted to If the need for a Y-pass exceeds 4 consecutive weeks, the student must complete the Disability Services application for disability accommodations. For information on documentation needed, please read the section about physical impairments. Long term or special parking accommodations can only be granted with the recommendation of Disability Services.

Faculty/staff members should contact Parking Services to request special parking for less than two weeks. Faculty/staff members needing long term assistance should contact Human Resources.

See more information about Parking Services regulations.

Web Accessibility

The University of Richmond is committed to making its website properties accessible to the widest possible audience. Our sites follow industry best practices in terms of accessibility, and we frequently review our sites for compliance with W3C guidelines.

The University of Richmond’s sites meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Priority 1 and Priority 2, as well as most of those suggested in Priority 3.

For more specific information on Web compliance, contact University Communications.

Grievance Process

If unsatisfied with the response to request for accommodation, students may appeal decisions through the appeals and grievance process

If a faculty or staff member does not believe that he or she has been provided appropriate disability accommodations, they may contact Human Resources.