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Disability Services Forms

Here you can find all the forms you will need that relate to parking, the classroom, housing, and more.
Temporary Parking Form

Temporary Parking Accommodation form for students requesting parking accommodations for greater than four weeks. 

Test Scheduling Form

Many students with disabilities require testing accommodations to demonstrate mastery of skills and attainment of knowledge. Students are welcome to arrange for testing accommodations to be met either within the classroom or by using the facilities at the Academic Testing Center (ATC). The ATC is also available for certain makeup exams. Find out more from the Registrar's Office.

Scheduling Exam Dates/Times in the ATC

  • The student should complete the first section of the ATC Test Scheduling Form and then submit the form to the instructor to complete that part of the form.
Housing Form

Housing accommodations are available for students whose medical related conditions or disabilities substantially limit their housing needs. However, to be considered for such special housing, they must submit a completed application for disability accommodations and documentation to the University Disability Director, Dr. Tinina Cade, by Jan. 15 if they are returning students or May 15 if they are entering first year students. Applications are accepted after these deadlines but may delay review.

Submitting a disability medical accommodation request does not automatically guarantee a space in University housing. Students are encouraged to consult and meet with their disability advisors each year or as indicated. Annual applications are encouraged should there be changes in accommodation needs and medical conditions.

Contact Disability Services

Tinina Cade, Associate Vice President
Office for Student Development
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, 23173
(804) 289-8032

For Staff and Faculty

Carl Sorensen, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
(804) 289-8747