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Undergraduate Student Housing

Disability Services works collaboratively with the Office of Undergraduate Student Housing to provide housing accommodations to students whose medical conditions or disabilities substantially limit their housing options. To be considered for such special housing, the student must submit a completed application for disability accommodations, with supporting documentation, to Disability Services.

In addition to filing an application for a disability accommodation and submitting the supporting documentation, students must meet all housing deposit deadlines.

  • First year and transfer students must submit the application for disability accommodations and supporting documentation by May 15.
  • Returning upper-class students must complete the application for disability accommodations and supporting documentation by January 15.
  • Any enrolled student who has a disability and would like to request special housing should submit an application for disability accommodations to Disability Services as quickly as possible.

Students requesting housing accommodations are advised to contact Student Housing and submit the application and supporting documentation to Disability Services, as soon as possible. Students must always be mindful of housing deadlines, policies, and deposit requirements.

The provision of housing accommodations does not guarantee any request for a specific residence hall or apartment. The University will make every attempt to provide the most appropriate housing assignment. Prompt submissions ensure adequate time to assess an accommodations request. Applications and documents received after housing deadlines may affect any assignment provided.

Personal Care Attendants

A student with a disability who anticipates needing a personal care attendant (“PCA”) should contact the University of Richmond housing office and disability services as soon as he/she makes a deposit to reserve a space in the residence halls. A formal application for disability accommodations, with supporting documentation, must be completed by the student and submitted to disability services stating the requested accommodation. A Disability Advisor will review all documentation to determine if the request for a PCA to live in University housing or be granted access to University housing and facilities is a reasonable accommodation.