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Incoming Students: Registering with Disability Services and Requesting Accommodations

Welcome to Disability Services! This is where you register for disabilities accommodations. We have provide details on the process, requirements, and resources you need to register with our office and request an accommodation. We are committed to ensuring all Spiders have equal access to all of our resources on campus. 

University students who have a disability are encouraged to contact Disability Services to learn more about the range of services available at the University. However, students with a disability who do not wish to seek academic or other accommodations are not required to register with Disability Services.

Current Students

Welcome current students! Here you will find our upcoming events and resources. If you have any further questions, visit our "About Us" page for more information.

Check out our Current Students chart for more information! 

Check Out Our Past Events: Disability Services Awareness Week 2018

  • Meetings with the Greeks Sunday, November 4th
  • Presentation: Student Government Association meeting November 7th
  • Tabling in the Commons on November 8th and 9th
  • Disability Listen Session, November 15th, at 6:30pm in THC 305
  • “Overcoming Limitations:” Disability Documentary, TBA