Current Students with Disability Accommodations

Once students have been approved for at least one accommodation by Disability Services, they are generally considered to be registered with Disability Services for their tenure at the University unless approved for an accommodation on a temporary or probationary basis.

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  • Utilizing Accommodations

    Once registered, students will receive a Disability Accommodation Notice, better known to the campus community as a DAN. DANs specify a student’s approved accommodations, but they do not contain details about a student’s history, background, or diagnosis/condition. DANs are not delivered directly to faculty and/or instructors by Disability Services. Therefore, it is up to the student to communicate accommodation needs with these campus partners by providing them with a copy of their DAN. Students are encouraged to set up a meeting with instructors in order to discuss their approved accommodations. While some students choose to disclose information about their disability during these conversations, a student is never obligated or required to provide any additional information other than what is included on their DAN. A student may provide an instructor with a DAN at any point in the semester, however, accommodations are never retroactive and/or may require time in order to implement properly; therefore, students are strongly encouraged to meet with their instructors immediately prior to the start of the semester or within the first week.

  • Updating/Changing Accommodations

    Initial intake meetings are designed to be comprehensive. However, for some students, circumstances change and their accommodations may require adjustments and/or changes in order to reflect their most current levels of functioning. Students may request an accommodation update at any point during their tenure at the University by completing and submitting this form. In some instances, alterations to approved accommodations may require additional or updated documentation.