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Student Disability Accommodations at UR

The mission of Student Disability Services is to ensure that students within our campus community who have disabilities are provided the opportunity for full participation and equal access to campus resources, academic programs, and extra-curricular activities through reasonable accommodations.  This mission reflects a commitment consistent and in compliance with federal standards and state regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.  It also underscores the importance of recognizing and promoting the student’s ability and independence to advocate for their needs.  

For a student to receive accommodations at the University of Richmond it is their responsibility to self-identify by submitting an electronic accommodation request form along with detailed medical documentation to support the accommodations requested. If the student had accommodations prior to enrolling at UR, it is in their best interest to apply for accommodations once admitted to the institution or no later than June 1st. Accommodations are not retroactive, therefore if a student receives accommodations after exams and coursework have already been completed they may not retake or resubmit those items with their new accommodations.  

Common Accommodations

At the University of Richmond, we are committed to ensuring that all students have equal access to the campus learning environment. For many students with disabilities, the key to success in the classroom is in modifications, accommodations, and adaptations that are individualized and based upon their needs. Here are just a few of the common accommodations for UR students are provided once they have been approved by the Disability Advisor to receive them:

Accommodations are not intended to waive any essential requirements for a course or degree program as all students are expected to meet all academic requirements with or without accommodations. If you believe you could benefit from an accommodation, please contact Disability Services for further information.