Testing Center

The Office of Disability Services Testing Center is a resource available to University of Richmond students who have been approved for testing accommodations effective for the current academic year.

  • Capacity

    The testing center’s room can safely accommodate up to 8 individual desks to provide a reduced-distraction testing environment. 

    The Testing Center does not currently have a designated private testing room. Students who are approved for that accommodation should work with their instructor to make a plan to test in a private room.

  • Working with Instructors

    The instructor and the student should discuss the required testing accommodation(s) and determine if the student will use the Office of Disability Services’ Testing Center or if the instructor will be able to provide the required accommodation(s) in another setting (such as the classroom, a conference room, or in an office). Because students are encouraged to disclose their need for accommodations at the beginning of the semester, this topic should be covered so that details can be worked out in advance. For instances when the Testing Center will be utilized, students should plan on taking their test at the same time as their peers. Testing outside of this time frame requires permission from the instructor.

    In order to facilitate the entire test taking process, students are strongly encouraged to schedule their appointments at the beginning of the semester by referencing their syllabus to determine all upcoming test/quiz dates. If this is not possible, students should schedule a minimum of 5 business days before their test date. This allows for verification time, as well as time to secure a copy of the exam and administration instructions prior to the scheduled appointment.

  • Booking Process
  • Test Taking Procedure

    Check In:

    • Students should arrive at Tyler Haynes Commons 338 at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled test time to check in with the Proctor.
    • Students will place all personal items with the exception of approved testing materials in lockable cubbies.
    • Prior to being escorted to the testing room in Tyler Haynes Commons 348, students will be given all exam directions and specifications so that their arrival to the testing room is as quiet as possible.

    Test Taking:

    • Proctor will escort students to the Testing Center in Tyler Haynes Commons 348.
    • Proctor will provide the student with a hard copy of their test by walking ahead of the student and placing the test on the assigned desk, stepping away to provide space, and then allowing the student to seat themselves.
    • When students have completed the test they will push the alert button located on their desk and wait for the Proctor to arrive.
    • If students have a question during their test, they may use the provided blank paper to write down their question, alert the Proctor with the alert button affixed to the assigned desk, and wait for the Proctor to collect their question in order to reach out to the instructor. The Proctor will report back if/when they have a response, which they will provide on paper. In the meantime, the student should skip the section/question on the test for which they have a question and continue.

    Check Out:

    • When the student is done taking the test, they will push the alert button and wait for the Proctor.
    • The Proctor will come to obtain the test and escort the student back to THC 338.
    • The students will obtain their belongings from the lockable cubbies and depart.

    Test Return:

    • Proctor will scan the completed test, email it to the instructor, upload it into a secure Box folder, and shred.
  • Proctoring

    The Testing Center employs graduate students as Proctors who are trained to handle all of their job responsibilities with the the highest level of integrity and utmost confidentiality. In addition to duties included in the above test taking procedures, Proctors monitor students while they take their tests via closed circuit video cameras. If Proctors observe any behavior that violates Testing Center procedures or the Honor Code, they will follow up accordingly.